Naru Osaka, Sailor Earth

Age 16

Birthday January 1

Naru is an average female, described as "compassionate" and "self-sacrificing." She's experienced a lot of... well, interesting things happen to her in her lifetime, including constantly coming under fire from several scary monsters, falling in love with an evil man and then losing him just as he redeems himself, and of course teenage life... and just when the strange things seemed to have peetered out for the time being, she is transformed into the beautiful soldier, Sailor Earth, in order to defend the planet from the youma that are attacking it. She transforms with the phrase "Earth Power, Make-Up!"

As Sailor Earth, Naru uses the attack Strata Crush which is a combination of elements of weather that become a ball of energy and take down the youma she faces. She also has the ability to throw yellow roses.


Gaia is a guardian cat from Earth who has been searching for Sailor Earth and finally found her in Naru Osaka. He is spotted (he's a calico!) and a bit rough looking, but he's surprisingly well-mannered and nice. He isn't as confident as he likes to pretend he is, but he tries to help as much as he can. His serious nature often goes against the life of the teenage girl's pet. His favorite things include warm, cozy rooms and milk. He doesn't like to be squeezed when he's held. He's also wary of Sailor Moon's group and is curious if they can be trusted, and yet the beautiful cat Luna seems to catch his attention (much to the other cat, Artemis's dislike).

Gurio Umino

Umino is the nerdy but sweet boyfriend of Naru Osaka. He cares about her very much, but as she becomes more involved in her duties as Sailor Earth and wrapped up in the drama surrounding her past and present, he begins to wonder if their relationship is on its way to extinction.

Maemi Sasa

Maemi is a transfer student in Umino and Naru's class and also is part of the Biology Club. She idolizes Ami, referring to her as Ami-sama and gets giddy whenever she's around. When Umino is troubled by his relationship with Naru, he begins to confide in her, and she does the best that she can to help. Her mother works in a salon.


Vauxite was once a follower of Queen Beryl in the Dark Kingdom, and is a rather weak individual. He however is very intelligent and calculating, and working behind the scenes is his specialty. He is the reason why the senshi originally had trouble finding the opening to the Dark Kingdom. Vauxite was wise enough to take a tiny piece of Queen Metallia's power before she fused with Beryl to defeat Sailor Moon and hid it away before making his escape from the kingdom before it fell. Now, he's working to rebuild the dark kingdom, and with the gathering of energy, revive Queen Metallia.

Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask

Age, early twenties

Birthday August 3

Naru had never really had a connection with Mamoru Chiba other than the fact that he was dating her best friend Usagi Tsukino (before the two of them lost touch). However, now she has discovered that they may be closer than either of them could ever imagine...

Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon

Age 16

Birthday June 30

Usagi was once best friends with Naru Osaka, but over time they've lost touch, since Usagi has been so busy fighting enemies as Sailor Moon. Now that Naru is also in the youma-fighting business, they may be able to rekindle their friendship.

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